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Quality and Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Special attention is being paid to the quality and Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

HSE Invest d.o.o. is a leading Slovenian engineering consulting company in the power sector. The company has extensive references in the hydropower, thermal power, solar and wind power generation sectors, management systems, infrastructure and industry. HSE Invest is a member of the HSE Group, the largest electric power producer in Slovenia with more than 3000 employees and a total annual production of 8,000 GWh.
The experiences gained in the energy sector have been successfully transferred also to the infrastructure and industry sectors and/or to all fields where business opportunities are detected.  We offer to our Clients a wide spectrum of services providing support in or implementation of projects throughout their whole life cycle, from the earliest conceptual phases to the final handing over of plants or submission of project results.  Projects are carried out in a manner which ensures to the Clients achievement of optimum project investment results.  With our activities we want to constantly contribute to the reputation and success of the HSE Group.
We are well aware of the interdependence with the environment where we live and work. We cater for a respectful attitude towards the environment and nature, observe the requirements for conservation of nature, rational handling of natural resources, optimum utilisation of materials and energy. We never forget our most precious capital - our employees and their expertise.  We are well aware of the fact that efficient, socially and environmentally acceptable performance of work processes can only be achieved by people who have the required knowledge, motivation and capabilities, who sense  that their work is respected and feel secure and satisfied in their respective work environment.

Quality and safety are the guidelines for our activities therefore our quality policy is based on:
  • quality management system requirements in accordance with the standard ISO 9001:2015 and
  • occupational health and safety management system requirements in accordance with the standard ISO 45001:2018.
The quality policy is an integral part of the company’s business policy and included in the company’s business plan for each year.  The implementation of the quality policy is a binding obligation of the company management and all its collaborators. 

The company management is committed to:
  • constantly improve the quality management system and occupation health and safety management system,
  • consistently observe and comply with the requirements as per the applicable legislation and of all relevant interested stakeholders,
  • make every effort to prevent any circumstances that could lead to accidents, injuries or harmful effects for the health,
  • ensure safe and healthy working conditions to prevent injuries and damage to the health of employees and identify risks and opportunities for safety and health at work,
  • inform details of the company policy to all participants working for or on behalf of HSE Invest, 
  • regularly communicate with the company’s employees, suppliers and clients with the aim to maintain and improve mutual trust.
  • consultation with employees and their representatives

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M.Sc. Jure Šimic
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