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Consulting Engineering and Project Management Services

HSE Invest is able and capable to provide all consulting engineering services required by clients throughout the whole project investment process, from an idea to the finished plant, either as a full package of services or as a specific set of services depending on the client’s needs.

During the life-cycle of a project, we can offer to our clients:
  • preparation of initial investigation documents and studies,
  • preparation of design documentation,
  • preparation of investment documentation,
  • preparation of tender documents,
  • conduct of tendering process,
  • selection of tenderers,
  • contract administration services,
  • project management,
  • documentation management,
  • project risk management,
  • purchase of land plots,
  • obtaining of permits for spatial interventions,
  • time scheduling,
  • financial planning,
  • quality control in factories,
  • quality control at site,
  • construction supervision,
  • ensure occupational health and safety,
  • claim management,
  • commissioning,
  • project coordination,
  • advising to the client,
  • conduct of technical inspections,
  • trial operation
  • taking-over of plants.
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