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Designing and BIM Modelling

In the process of designing we strictly follow our motto: Design with knowledge. Knowledge is provided by our team of experts in the field of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, who have successfully completed numerous projects.

In the field of designing, we can offer:
  • preparation of comprehensive investment documentation starting from the initial project identification document, followed by the pre-investment studies and investment program, and completed by the investment effect assessment report.
  • preparation of justification studies and economic assessment
  • preparation of due-diligence reports
  • preparation of comparison studies
  • preparation of pre-studies and justification studies
  • preparation of all sorts of design documentation (preliminary design, basic design, design for building permit, tender documents)
  • performance of initial investigations related to geological - geomechanical conditions, surveying measurements, nature and environment protection conditions (EIA).

BIM Modelling

Building information modelling (BIM) represents a new advanced process of planning, construction, maintenance and decommissioning of plants at the end of their life cycle.  It is a process of integrated participation of all parties involved in the project in a joint digital model and it enables a complete information control throughout the whole life cycle of the project.

Setting-up of the BIM must begin right upon establishment of the idea to construct a plant by collecting all relevant information, and continues during the design process by defining 3D building blocks, to which later additionally the dimensions of the construction time 4D and cost 5D, and maintenance and operation of the plant 6D are added.

HSE Invest has been applying 3D design at all its projects since 2010 and is continuously improving the system. Laser scanning has been integrated into the process of preparation of 3D documentation and the transition to BIM modelling successfully carried out. 

We have the latest up-to date software of this type available and are constantly taking additional training in this field. The main advantages provided by BIM modelling are as follows:
  • the complete plant with all installations, materials and equipment is available in one spot,
  • overview of the whole plant, detailed treatment of civil structure, mechanical and electrical equipment with all specifications and material properties, equipment types,
  • parallel work of several technical experts and several designers,
  • checking and control of collisions between installations and civil structures,
  • fast preparation of 2D documentation for random cross-sections,
  • immediate possibility to use the model at site during construction - assistance to contractors, designers and supervisors,
  • checking of installed quantities of concrete and other materials,
  • immediate entry at site of modifications into the model and
  • maintenance of the plant model during the whole life-cycle of the project until its decommissioning and/or demolition.
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