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Preparation of investment documentation and economic assessment of investments

Economic evaluation is of key importance for an investment. Based on economic calculations and client's expectations, clients decide whether to start the investment. HSE Invest is offering to its clients all the required support in taking key decisions.

All the required elements and calculations enabling a comprehensive evaluation of financial, marketing, economic and other consequences of an investment decision are included in a well-prepared investment documentation.

HSE Invest has got extensive experience in the preparation of all kinds of investment documentation and can offer to its clients preparation of:
  • Investment project identification document which contains data required to define an investment intent and its targets. 
  • Pre-investment concept which deals with all variants of the execution of an investment and helps select the most optimal one. 
  • Investment program which is the key document and represents a technical basis for the decision to invest. 
  • Execution study contains a list of all required activities for the execution of the intended investment.
  • Report on the execution of the investment project
  • Report on the effects of an investment showing a comparison of actual effects and effects envisaged in the investment program.
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