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Construction Supervision

For successful completion of works, it is necessary and also mandatory as per legal requirements, to have construction supervision during the period of construction.

We at HSE Invest are well aware of the fact that competent performance of civil, electrical and mechanical supervision contributes to a large extent to the quality of execution and in the end to successful completion of an investment project.

The scope of offered supervision services is as follows: 
  • supervision of execution of works according to detailed design,
  • examination and checking of detailed design,
  • current checking of construction capacities,
  • current cost analysis,
  • checking of documents,
  • checking of time schedules,
  • checking of costs,
  • contract management,
  • checking of compliance,
  • quality assurance,
  • measurements and certificates,
  • assistance to the client relating to variations and claims and
  • reporting.
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