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Mission, Vision, Goals

The mission of the company is to integrate know-how of the HSE Group and externally for the purpose of executing projects in the power sector domestically and abroad.

Our intention is to make use of the know-how available in the HSE Group and in Slovenia and, with integration of this know-how in HSE Invest, to take part as a competitive player in the power services and equipment market, providing high added value to its clients.

The vision is to remain a leading Slovenian power engineering company and to become an important and reliable regional partner (SE Europe) to power companies and other investors into power facilities. Our intention is also to be present at selected markets outside of the region with a comprehensive offer of services in the field of construction of hydroelectric power plants (studies, design, W2W, EPC).
The company goals are to strengthen the recognized position of the company in Slovenia as the one which is offering engineering services and management of construction of power projects for the HSE Group and for external clients; to ensure completion of projects within the planned time schedule, according to the required quality standards and within financial framework as defined by the investment programs.

We want to ensure that each client is satisfied with the implementation of its projects and for this purpose to promote and facilitate permanent training and enhancement of know-how of employees in order to stay in close contact with the progress of expertise in individual disciplines. We have to adapt to changing market conditions, identify opportunities in time and introduce new services. 
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